Telephone Interpreting Services

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Дек 7, 2016
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On-Demand Telephone Interpreting

April Translation and Iterpreting Agency provides on-demand, customized Telephone Interpreting in over 60 languages from anywhere in the world. This service allows clients to connect to a certified and trained telephone interpreter within minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With the most advanced technology developed for this service, April Agency accommodates fast connections, initiates outbound calls to non-English speaking customers, and schedules telephone interpreters for future dates.

Professional Telephone Interpreters

April Agency’s telephone interpreters are trained and certified, fluent in English and the target foreign language, ensuring accuracy for every participant of the phone call. Your phone call will be handled by a telephone interpreter who is highly skilled in the language of the industry for the conversation to make certain your communication needs are met.

Connecting to a Phone Interpreter

Once an account has been created with April Agency, you will receive an access number for all future calls. For every call:

  • Simply dial the 800 number provided
  • Enter your access code
  • Request the language you require
  • In just minutes you will be directed to the most experienced telephone interpreter
  • Your account and call information will be collected by our representatives and you will be billed in accordance with the pre-established agreement.

April Agency’s telephone interpreters can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Identifying the Language You Need

What if you do not know the language you need? After providing your account information you can connect with a representative trained in language identification who will assist you to identify the language you require.

Communication During the Call

  • To ensure the best and most accurate communication with your client, follow these steps:
  • Outline your questions and thoughts prior to the call to allow for a smooth communication flow with the telephone interpreter and client;
  • Provide the telephone interpreter with a summary of what you want to accomplish and a list of instructions;
  • Assume that your client or telephone interpreter only has only the knowledge of your company and its procedures that you have provided;
  • Take the lead, provide the telephone interpreter with specific questions to interpret;
  • Communicate directly to the client (using “I” and “you”) without referring to the interpreter to avoid confusion;
  • Avoid slang or acronyms that may not be familiar in other cultures.